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Weight Loss Treatment

Being overweight is one of the major issues facing by many people nowadays. Maintaining body weight, slimmer shape becomes a dream to many people. Overweight and obesity may prone to many health-related issues. So, one must take quick measures to reduce your overall weight.

Are you struggling with overweight or having a family history of obesity-related issues? If you want to lose weight, but don’t have any idea about losing weight. Don’t worry, Devine Touch clinics weight loss programs and treatments in Hyderabad assures you healthy and sustainable weight loss management with guaranteed results without any side effects.

Devine Touch clinics weight loss treatments and weight loss programs in Hyderabad are completely non-surgical and affordable way to eliminate unwanted fat deposits from your body. We offer top quality obesity treatment options for everyone who are willing to lose weight.

Divine Touch Clinics Extensive Approach For Weight Loss

Divine Touch Clinics extensive approach for weight loss treatment done by expert team with experienced doctors, nutritionists, fitness trainers. Divine Touch clinics offers customised, safe and very effective weight loss management treatments. Weight loss programs are based on your sex, age, BMI (Body Mass Index), health conditions, nutritional status, food habits, daily activities, body composition, metabolic rate etc.


  • Non-surgical treatments
  • USFDA approved technology
  • No side effects
  • There are no diets and heavy exercises involved

Divine Touch Clinics in Hyderabad offers you advanced non-surgical and non-invasive weight reduction, fat loss and inch loss. Our expert team holistically analyse your body and suggests you which weight loss program suits you.  We assure the best results that you are willing to see. There is do downtime involved in this procedure as you can resume your daily activities after the treatment. Weekly goals are given with minimal exercises.

Book your consultation today and bring back your old shape with our non-surgical weight loss procedures.

At the time of initial consultation, our doctors follow the following steps.

  • Physical examination includes checking height, weight, pulse rate etc.
  • Doctor will review your health records and disorders like blood sugar, blood pressure etc.
  • Calculation of BMI that helps in understanding the health risks.
  • A BMI between 23 to 25 falls in the over weight category and above 30 comes under obesity.
  • Analysis of body composition gives detailed insight about your body fat percentage.
  • Sometimes our doctors may recommend blood tests to check your blood sugar, thyroid levels and cholesterol levels.
Proven Results

Every individual who walks into the Divine Touch Clinics steps out with expected results and satisfaction.

Expert Team

Our team of well-educated and highly experienced doctors will treat your issues with high-end methodologies.

USFDA Procedures

Our aim is to deliver satisfying results and we follow proven and approved USFDA procedures in the treatment.

Advanced Equipment

For the proper diagnosis and treatment, we have the best international and advanced equipment at our clinic.

Qualified Staff

We understand the anxiety and queries you have about your problem and treatment, and our qualified staff will consult & guide you.


We own a world-class infrastructure with advanced machinery and equipment, representing one of the best international clinics.

Frequently Asked Questions on weight Loss Treatment

Is hair loss related to weight loss?

You may lose hair due to nutrition deficiency and reducing your diet because the consumption of total calories is reduced. Hence, it is vital to opt for a weight loss programme under the supervision of a qualified professional at a weight loss centre.

Are diet charts provided by weight loss centres near me?

Yes, the professionals at weight loss centres provide diet charts depending on the health condition and needs of every client.

How to lose weight fast?

One can lose weight fast by consuming lesser calories and burning more calories. We can help achieve that.

What should be your desired weight loss goal?

Everyone is different; hence there is no magic number, but it always good to be in the healthy BMI range.

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