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Lip Lightening Treatment

aser Treatment: Laser toning is an effective treatment to consider if nothing else works. The heat energy of the laser targets the melanin deposits in your upper lip area and helps reduce pigmentation. Within a few sessions, you can notice significant results. Dermatologists schedule laser toning sessions at an interval of four weeks. Depending on the involvement and extent of pigmentation, the number of sessions may vary. Non-ablative lasers also reduce pigmentation in the upper lip area and have no downtime. Laser toning treatment is not painful and is particularly safe for treating pigmentation in sensitive areas like the upper lip region.

The darkened patches on your lips can be so annoying and they act as a curse to your beauty. If you feel completely low due to the unwanted darkness of the lips, then do not worry as we have a solution for your problem. Furthermore, with the advancement in the cosmetic industry, we can exfoliate the darkened patches on your lips and thus, give you lighter lips.

Our expert cosmetologists at the Divine Touch Clinics use the most effective and clinically proven treatment called laser toning and thus, lightens up your lips. However, it is a safe treatment procedure that even handles sensitive areas of your lips causing no side effects.

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Specific triggers play a significant role like excessive sun exposure, hormonal changes and nutrition. Another skin condition, i.e. acanthosis nigricans can also cause thickening and darkening of the upper lip area. Eczemas and conditions like atopic dermatitis can cause pigmentation in the area above the upper lip

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