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Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Banjarahills Hyderabad

Best Hair Transplant Clinic Banjarahills, Hyderabad

In the event that your genetic hair loss is too severe, particularly in the case of male pattern baldness, a transplant using your own hair may not be viable since there may not be enough hair in the donor areas to cover the area of baldness.

In this situation, it may be alluring to consider getting a hair transplant utilizing or using the hair of another person to improve your own hair. This may be the case, in particular if someone in your circle of contacts or acquaintances has hair that is quite similar to your own in terms of structure and color.

There is no way to execute a hair transplant using someone else’s hair, regrettably, even if the hairs are from one of your family. Your immune system would recognize the hair follicles as alien objects right away and launch an attack. Without a chance for the follicles to develop, the transplanted hair would fall out and may result in infections.

One can take donor hair from any area of their body that is Dihydrotestosterone or DHT-resistant because those areas are resistant to hair loss. Your head’s sides and back are where donor’s hair is most commonly found.

Best hair Transplant in banjara hills Hyderabad

Conditions that apply to receiving human hair donations from others

One can use someone else’s donor hair under the below-mentioned circumstances.

  • Identical twins

The chance to obtain a donor’s hair can exist for those who are identical twins. As the twins share the same genetic makeup and DNA structure and as such, your body does not regard your twin’s follicles and scalp tissues as foreign substances, making rejection impossible.

  • Immediately following a bone marrow transplant

The replacement of blood and immune cells occurs during bone marrow transplantation. Usually, patients with serious conditions like cancer have this operation done.

An individual who has undergone a bone marrow transplant, on the other hand, would not reject transplanted hair from the same donor, according to a new study that was published in Dermatologic Surgery.

Bone marrow transplant is usually provided to cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy.  In addition, a person’s hair cannot be used as a transplant in any circumstance other than the ones stated above.



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